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Emergency Contact

How do I edit Emergency Contacts?

Please follow these steps to edit your emergency contacts: 1. Open the invisaWear app, and click the MENU (top left corner of the app).2. Select "Settings" 3. Select "Emergency Contacts" 4. If you are changing the phone number of an existing contact,

How do I remove an Emergency Contact?

To remove an emergency contact, please go to the App Menu -> Settings -> Emergency Contacts, and then swipe left on the contact you wish to remove. Next, press the red button that says “Delete”. To add more contacts, tap the add button on the top rig

What do my Emergency Contacts need to do?

Your emergency contacts will not need to download the invisaWear app. Once you add someone as your emergency contact they should receive a default text letting them know you have added them as an emergency contact and to confirm if they've received t

How should my emergency contacts react when receiving an emergency alert?

Your emergency contacts are notified after ADT contacts the police (only for Modes 2 & 3). This is because they don't want emergency contacts trying to interfere with reaching the user during an emergency.We recommend that the emergency contacts atte

Why are my Emergency Contacts not receiving a text message while testing?

What mode are you testing in?  You can find out which mode you are testing in by opening the InvisaWear app > click the MENU (3 gold lines in the top left corner of the app)> Settings > Additional Features > and all three modes will be listed here.We

Emergency Contacts (Outside of U.S.)

Unfortunately, you are only allowed to use U.S. numbers for emergency contacts if you are located in the United States. We are so sorry for the inconvenience! We are looking into improving this feature in the future.We suggest that you set up the inv

Someone Added You As an Emergency Contact

Emergency Contacts PageBelow is information for an Emergency Contact. invisaWear + ADT creates smart jewelry and accessories that allow users to instantly alert friends, family, and police during an emergency. If the user does not have the 9-1-1 feat