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How do I edit Emergency Contacts?Updated a year ago

Please follow these steps to edit your emergency contacts: 

1. Open the invisaWear app, and click the MENU (top left corner of the app).

2. Select "Settings" 

3. Select "Emergency Contacts" 

4. If you are changing the phone number of an existing contact, you will need to remove their existing number first and then add their new number. To do this, swipe left on the name of the emergency contact, then press the red "Delete". If you just want to edit the name, tap on their name in the list to edit the name. 

5. To add a contact, tap the button on the top right corner (person symbol). 

6. If you would like to add an emergency contact from your saved contacts, press "Phone Address Book" and search for the contacts you would like to add.  Please make sure to click on your desired contacts and select "Done" in the top right.  If you would like to manually enter the names and phone numbers, press "Create New Contact".  

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