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Bluetooth® says 'Not Connected'

If you're still having trouble after completing these steps please reach out to us directly so we can better assist you. Please use this link to contact us.

Accidentally Removed From Bluetooth®

Did you accidentally forget/unpair from the invisaWear device in your phone's Bluetooth settings? If so please follow the steps below to fix the Bluetooth Connection:.

How far is the Bluetooth® range?

The invisaWear charm uses a Bluetooth connection with a paired smartphone that can be up-to 30 feet away. Depending on the phone, the range can be much farther. Also, there is no limit on how far away an emergency contact can be from the user.

invisaWear won't pair to phone

Removing an invisaWear device

Please do not remove a device unless you no longer wish to use it or to pair to it again.  To remove a device, open the invisaWear app, click on the MENU (3 gold lines top left corner of the app), select CONNECT DEVICE, select REMOVE DEVICE, then sel

Radiation Compliance

Our product is designed to use Bluetooth® Low Energy to optimize the battery life for both your phone and device. Therefore, it only transmits a wireless signal for a very short period of time when it is double pressed and then stops transmitting sho