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Bluetooth® says 'Not Connected'Updated 3 months ago

The reason invisaWear shows up as not connected in your phone's Bluetooth settings is because it's designed to optimize the battery life for both your phone and the device.  That means it's only ever connected if you double press the button.  Since you've already completed the setup and paired to the device, your phone will automatically reconnect once you double click your device.  

Please be sure to never unpair or forget the invisaWear device in your phone's Bluetooth settings.  You should be able to test your invisaWear anytime by using the Test Alert page in the app so you can make sure it's working. If you accidentally did this, please click HERE for steps on how to fix it.

To place a test alert, please press the three horizontal lines in the upper left hand corner of the invisaWear app.  Then tap "Place Test Alert" from the menu. Once you're on the test alert page, you can double press your invisaWear to send a test alert and double check that it's working.

If you're still having trouble after completing these steps please reach out to us directly so we can better assist you. Please use this link to contact us

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