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Removing an invisaWear deviceUpdated 6 months ago

 Please do not remove a device unless you no longer wish to use it or to pair to it again.  To remove a device, open the invisaWear app, click on the MENU (3 gold lines top left corner of the app), select CONNECT DEVICE, select REMOVE DEVICE, then select REMOVE.  Follow the on screen instructions to double press your device to remove.  

If you do not have the charm or are having issues with this step, a new screen will appear after 15 seconds asking if you would like to remove it anyways.  When this screen appears, select YES, REMOVE. 

Next, Go to Bluetooth® in your phone settings under My Devices, click the blue ⓘ next to "invisaWear not connected" and then click FORGET THIS DEVICE for Iphone Users OR under Connected Devices for Android Users click Unpair.

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