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Removing a Device

I accidentally removed my invisaWear from the app

Please follow the steps below to fix the Bluetooth® Connection.1. Go to your phone's Bluetooth Settings. You should see invisaWear listed under my devices. Please forget the device from your Bluetooth settings.2. Go back to the invisaWear app and cli

How do I remove a device?

Please do not remove a device unless you no longer wish to use it or to pair to it again.  To remove a device, open the invisaWear app, click on the MENU (3 gold lines top left corner of the app), select CONNECT DEVICE, select REMOVE DEVICE, then sel

I accidentally removed my device from Bluetooth® settings

Please follow the steps below to fix the Bluetooth Connection.1. Uninstall the app, and then reinstall it. While waiting for it to reinstall, please go to your phone's Bluetooth settings and verify that invisaWear is not listed under My Devices. If i