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I accidentally removed my invisaWear from the appUpdated 3 months ago

Please follow the steps below to fix the Bluetooth® Connection.

1. Go to your phone's Bluetooth Settings. You should see invisaWear listed under my devices. Please forget the device from your Bluetooth settings.

2. Go back to the invisaWear app and click the button once to reconnect.

Here's an explanation about how the Bluetooth connection works that might be helpful: 

If your invisaWear is showing up as not connected in your Bluetooth settings, no need to panic! Your invisaWear is not always connected to your phone. The product is designed to optimize the battery life for both your phone and the device. They are only ever connected when you double press your invisaWear. This way it doesn't drain your phone's battery unlike many other personal safety devices! Please just make sure to never forget invisaWear in the list of devices in your Bluetooth settings.
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