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Testing invisaWear

Why are my Emergency Contacts not receiving a text message while testing?

What mode are you testing in?  You can find out which mode you are testing in by opening the InvisaWear app > click the MENU (3 gold lines in the top left corner of the app)> Settings > Additional Features > and all three modes will be listed here.We

How do I test my invisaWear?

To place a test alert, please press the MENU (three gold horizontal lines in the upper left hand corner of the invisaWear app).  Then tap "Place Test Alert" from the menu.  Once you're on the test alert page, test mode is on, you can double press you

How often should I test my invisaWear?

We recommend testing your invisaWear device once a month.

My test alert did not work. What do I do?

If you continue to have trouble after resetting your device, please contact us. Or, email [email protected] and we'd be more than happy to further assist you!