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Why are my Emergency Contacts not receiving a text message while testing?Updated 2 years ago

What mode are you testing in?  You can find out which mode you are testing in by opening the InvisaWear app > click the MENU (3 gold lines in the top left corner of the app)> Settings > Additional Features > and all three modes will be listed here.

We do recommend placing a test alert once a month.  In Mode 1 (Emergency contacts only) your emergency contacts will always be notified when testing your device.  

Mode 2 (Text my emergency contacts and send a silent SOS to 9-1-1) & Mode 3 (Premium Feature, monthly subscription required) give you the option to enter your pin right away.  If the pin is entered before the 15 second timer expires, the test gets canceled and none of your emergency contacts will be notified that you are testing.  You will then receive a notification "Glad to know you are ok, thanks for letting us know!"  This tells you your device is paired properly to your phone and ADT received your test.

If you want your emergency contacts to receive the text you are testing and you are in Mode 2, let the 15-second timer expire without entering your 4 digit pin (while you are on the "Place Test Alert" page).  They will receive a text message stating you are testing your device and will also provide them with your GPS location link.

Mode 3, if the user lets the timer expire without entering the 4 digit pin, then an ADT agent will call the user (instead of a text message) to confirm they successfully received the test.  Emergency contacts will not be notified in mode 3 in the test mode.  When the user is in mode 3, the only time emergency contacts are notified is if ADT contacts emergency services.
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