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Jewlery Information

Do you provide a longer chain?

All of our necklace chains are 18 inches in length, but they can be adjusted to about 14 inches as well. Our rose gold necklace does have an option for 32 inches, if you'd like to order that. The keychains and necklaces come with a clasp that allows

What material is the invisaWear charm made of?

The invisaWear charm is made out of brass. The gold charms are plated in 14k gold and the silver invisaWear charms are plated in Rhodium. The backside of the invisaWear charm is made out of plastic so that it can be easily pressed.

Jewlery Care

For maximum life of your invisaWear charms, please always remember:1.) Do not put your charm in water or let water get on it. It is okay if it is worn during the rain or if it is exposed to sweat during exercise. 2.) If you wear lotions, hair sprays,

Are clasps removable?

The keychains and necklaces come with a clasp that allows the charms to be taken off and put on another item. The bracelets come with a closed ring to ensure that they do not fall off.

Are they made in the U.S.?

Our products are primarily made in the USA. Some of our components are sourced overseas from our suppliers, however a majority of them are manufactured locally and assembled in Massachusetts where our company is located. Your safety is our number one

What is the bracelet size?

One size fits most (bracelet expands to approx. 8" or can be gently squeezed to adjust).

Can I sleep with it on?

We do not recommend sleeping with your invisaWear on as it could be a choking hazard and can be accidentally pressed if you were to roll on it. We suggest placing it next to your bed side for easy access if needed!

Is invisaWear waterproof?

The invisaWear charm is sweat and weather resistant, so it should be fine if you get caught in the rain or if you're sweating from working out. We don’t recommend wearing it in the shower or submerging it in water. We are currently creating a waterpr

What happens if I accidentally get my device wet?