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What is the difference between the 9-1-1 feature (silent SOS) and the 24/7 professional monitoring?Updated 2 years ago

If you have the Silent SOS 9-1-1 feature enabled, we will immediately notify an ADT agent in an emergency. An ADT agent will text you updates along the way.

If you have the 24/7 professional monitoring feature enabled, you can rest assured that a trained ADT professional is handling your emergency. An ADT agent will try to call you to verify you are indeed in danger and to gather any additional information. Even if you cannot speak, an ADT agent will immediately notify 9-1-1 and notify your emergency contacts of your up-to-date location.

 24/7 professional monitoring also includes the ability to set activity tracking timers to share your location with ADT and emergency contacts for a period of time. If you’re feeling unsafe and want someone to stay with you on the line until you’re safe, an ADT agent can help with that too! Self-defense classes are offered once every quarter for invisaWear customers to layer up on their safety.

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