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Is this device appropriate for someone with significant medical conditions, cognitive decline, brain injuries or memory problems?Updated 2 years ago

invisaWear works with a compatible smartphone. The app is compatible with most Android devices running Android version 9.0+ and iPhones running iOS 11.0+. Tracphone and Jitterbug phones may not always with our app.

 After the app is downloaded to the user's smartphone, they create an account profile with personal, medical information and also choose a 4-digit pin. The user will need to remember this pin as it is used to cancel alerts directly with ADT. In an emergency, any medical information provided in the app will be shared with emergency personnel.

A rapid double button press on the back of the charm is required in order to initiate an emergency alert. InvisaWear uses your phone's cellular data or WIFI to send the alert. This can be helpful for situations where cell service is not available to make a phone call. Unfortunately, if there is no data or WIFI available then the app will notify you that it was unable to send an alert and instruct you to call 911.

The user does need to be familiar with how to maneuver around on their smartphone and in their phone settings. They need to keep the app open and running in the background, have their smartphone within 30 feet of the charm and have either cellular data turned on or WIFI enabled in order for any alerts to go out. We also recommend testing the device once a month by placing a test alert. At this time, invisaWear does not have fall detection. If you have significant medical issues or serious cognitive impairment, a different device may be needed.

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