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How It Works - TOP TIPSUpdated 5 months ago

The invisaWear charm uses a Bluetooth® connection with a paired compatible smartphone that can be up-to 30 feet away.  Depending on the phone, the range can be much farther.  


The app is compatible with most Android devices running Android version 9.0+ and iPhones running iOS 11.0+.  Please note that your phone must be compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy.

A subscription is required to use the product.  Typically the subscription is $19.99/month, but we have a limited time offer available for $14.99/month and your first month is free!

invisaWear products come with advanced safety features that allow you to be pro-active about your safety.  These features include video streaming, reassurance calls, access to live GPS tracking during an emergency, chat, and more.  We also offer complimentary self defense classes every quarter for all our customers. 


In Canada, we partnered with TELUS Security so our products are referred to as TELUS SmartWear Security.  If you purchased an invisaWear as a gift from and not through Telus directly, please purchase the Telus Subscription to receive your activation code!

Please visit the link below.  
Here you can purchase the subscription only.  Select explore plan and safety devices and then select have your own device, add to cart, and select new customer.  Once the purchase has been completed, you will receive an activation code.  
Telus customer support link -



When you double press the device in an emergency, it sends your live location to your emergency contacts.  Please note, the location continues to update while the emergency is active. 

DOES THE APP NEED TO BE RUNNING IN THE BACKGROUND?  The app has to be running on your phone (doesn't need to be on the screen, just running in the background) so please don't force close out of it.

Iphone users: You can leave the app running in the background just please make sure you don't double tap the home button and swipe up on it. 

Android users: When leaving the app, the home button may vary on Android phones depending on which model phone you are using.

In the above photo, you will see three vertical lines, a square, and a back arrow.  Please ensure that when you leave this app, you click the square to leave the app running in the background.  If you do not see this, then you likely only need to swipe up from the bottom of your phone to exit the app properly. Do not select a back arrow, since this will disabled the app from running.


The invisaWear charm is sweat and weather resistant, so it should be fine if you get caught in the rain or if you're sweating from working out.  We do not advise wearing it in the shower or submerging it in water.  We are currently creating a waterproof edition, however we do not have a release date just yet.


InvisaWear uses your phone's cellular data or WiFi to send the alert.  This can be helpful for situations where cell service is not available to make a phone call.  Unfortunately if there is no data or WiFi available then the app will notify you that it was unable to send an alert and instruct you to call 911. 


We do recommend that you place a test alert once a month.  To place a test alert, please press the MENU (three gold horizontal lines in the upper left hand corner of the invisaWear app).  Then tap "Place Test Alert".  Once you're on the test alert page, test mode is on, you can double press your invisaWear to send a test alert and make sure your device is working properly.

EMERGENCY CONTACTS:  The app allows you to save up to 5 personal emergency contacts.

Steps to edit your emergency contacts:

1. Open the invisawear app, and click the MENU (3 gold lines at the top left corner of the app).

2. Select "Settings"

3. Select "Emergency Contacts"

4. If you are changing the phone number of an existing contact, you will need to remove their existing number first and then add their new number.  To do this, swipe left on the name of the emergency contact, then press the red "Delete".  If you just want to edit the name, tap on their name in the list to edit the name.

4. To add a contact, tap the button on the top right corner (person symbol).

5. If you would like to add an emergency contact from your saved contacts, press "Phone Address Book" and search for the contacts you would like to add.  Please make sure to click on your desired contacts and select "Done" in the top right.  If you would like to manually enter the names and phone numbers, press "Create New Contact". 

IS THIS DEVICE APPROPRIATE FOR SOMEONE WITH SIGNIFICANT MEDICAL CONDITIONS, COGNITIVE DECLINE, BRAIN INJURIES OR MEMOMY PROBLEMS? The user does need to be familiar with how to maneuver around on their smartphone and in their phone settings.  At this time, InvisaWear does not have fall detection.  If the user has significant medical issues or serious cognitive impairment, a different device may be needed.


For maximum life of your invisaWear charms, please always remember:

1.) Do not put your charm in water or let water get on it. It is okay if it is worn during the rain or if it is exposed to sweat during exercise.

2.) If you wear lotions, hair sprays, and perfume, please put them on and allow them to dry before wearing your invisaWear jewelry.

3.) Keep your jewelry away from chemicals and be sure to keep it in a jewelry box when not wearing it.

4.) If you put on hand sanitizer, be sure to put it on without any invisaWear bracelet charms on.

We recommend using a microfiber towel or even soft tissues to clean before and after wearing. No jewelry cleaner is needed.

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