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How do I pair my invisaWear to my new phone?Updated 6 months ago

I've provided some instructions below:

1. If you still have your old phone, please first uninstall the app on your old phone. Then go to phone settings, locate invisaWear and forget the device. Skip this step if you don't have your old phone.

2. Next, Go to Bluetooth® in your new phone settings under My Devices, click the blue ⓘ next to "invisaWear not connected" and then click FORGET THIS DEVICE for iPhone Users OR under Connected Devices for Android Users click Unpair. Repeat this step if you have more than one invisaWear device already paired.

3. Next, open the invisaWear app, select MENU > CONNECT DEVICE > REMOVE DEVICE > REMOVE.  

4. Ignore the instructions to double click your charm, then a new screen will appear after 15 seconds asking if you would like to remove it anyways.  When this screen appears, select YES, REMOVE.  Repeat this step if you have multiple devices.

5. Once you see a page with a spinning circle, press and hold the back of your charm for 15 seconds.  If you accidentally let go before 15 seconds please wait 5 seconds for it to reset before trying again.

6. You should then see a Bluetooth Pairing Request: "invisaWear" would like to pair with your phone.  Click Pair. Note, some Android phones may skip this step.

7. Once you have paired, a notification will pop up asking you to name the device title!  Please name it whatever you like, such as Necklace, Bracelet, Keychain, etc.  After that, you will be able to place a test alert to ensure it is working properly.  We do recommend that you place a test alert once a month. 😊
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