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Do I need to charge or change the battery?Updated 2 years ago

 Our product is designed to have a long lasting battery life so you never have to worry about charging it.  We guarantee one year but we find it is typically a year and half to two years for most people depending on the usage.  The app will automatically detect once your battery is running low, and it will then send you a notification and give you the option to purchase a discounted replacement charm.

When we were designing the product, most people said that the most important thing to them was the size. If we had made the battery replaceable, then the charm would have been double the size (close to the size of a half dollar). The feedback we got is that people wouldn't wear it if it was that big and bulky so we had to design it to be a very compact design that is sweat and weather resistant. This unfortunately prevents us from allowing people to safely replace the battery without damaging the product. Many people do love that they don't have to worry about replacing the battery and that they can get a brand new design after the 1-2 years. We are also looking into designing larger ones in the future that have a replaceable battery so that we can cater to everyone. 

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