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Can I gift a subscription?Updated a year ago

Yes!  You can purchase a subscription for friends, family, or anyone you'd like.  A subscription is required to use the product.

You will receive an email with a unique activation code, please forward it to the gift recipient.

US Customers:  If you purchased an Invisawear as a gift for someone and did not purchase the subscription at the time of purchase and would like to also purchase their subscription, please use the link below.

Canadian Customers: In Canada, we partnered with TELUS Security so our products are referred to as TELUS SmartWear Security.  If you purchased an invisaWear as a gift from and not through Telus directly, please purchase the Telus Subscription to receive your activation code!

Please visit the link below.  
Here you can purchase the subscription only. Select explore plan and safety devices and then select have your own device, add to cart, and select new customer.  Once the purchase has been completed, you will receive an activation code.  
Telus customer support link -
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