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Advanced Safety FeaturesUpdated a year ago


Walking alone late at night? Have an ADT agent looking out for you via video using the invisaWear app. The agent can quickly get help to your location and provide the video to authorities if requested.


Create a secret phrase that only you know.  If you can't reach your phone or charm, say your phrase hands-free to alert ADT discreetly.

- Open the invisaWear app

- Click the Menu option in the top left corner

- Click "Voice Activation"

- You will be taken to a page that says "Secret Phrase"

- Input your secret phrase into the first line. Please note,that we recommend using a secret phrase that is not common and would not be said by accident. Some examples of secret phrases are Twisted TulipsPink PineapplePickled Panther, etc.

- Click "Continue"

- On the next page, please say your secret phrase out loud clearly

- Ensure you see a checkmark that says, 'Your device now recognizes your Voice Activated Secret Phrase". Click "Finish".

- Your secret phrase will now be set and activated. Please click "Stop Voice Activation" on the One Touch SOS page until you need this feature.

- We only recommend leaving Voice Activation on for about an hour because it can drain the battery on your device rather quickly.

- If you start a Voice Activation and say your secret phrase, your emergency contacts and 911 will be notified.


Feeling unsafe, but on the fence about calling 9-1-1? Now you have 24/7 access to trained ADT security agents. They'll stay on the phone with you until you feel safe and they can get help to your location if needed.

CHATThis is a text feature.  Bad date? Uncomfortable in a cab ride?  If you can't talk and need to be discreet, text ADT from the invisaWear app for help or just to have a security professional on alert. 


Going for a jog or a hike?  Invite ADT (& optionally emergency contacts) to track you via GPS for up to 4 hours.  ADT will alert 9-1-1 and your emergency contacts if the timer you set expires and you don't respond.  Activity Tracking Tutorial Video below:


As an invisaWear customer, you also get complimentary access to virtual self defense classes taught by renowned instructor, Jennifer Cassetta. Classes are hosted once a quarter and teach you how to defend yourself.

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