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How do I set up my invisaWear?Updated 5 months ago


1Save the following numbers in your phone contacts as-  "INVISAWEAR + ADT EMERGENCY"

(888)-795-3437 AND (561)-621-3533.

Please do not call these numbers.  These are specific phone numbers that will contact you in an emergency.

You can abbreviate this contact name to "IW" or something more personal like "Aunty Kelly" in case you are worried about someone looking at your phone screen.

We recommend turning the Emergency Bypass feature on (iPhone users only).  The emergency bypass feature allows you to set your phone to play a loud alarm whenever it is activated even if your phone is on silent or do not disturb. This can be helpful for situations where it can scare someone off if they think you've just called for help and they don't want to get caught.  It can also be helpful in the rare case if you accidentally activated an alert and it allows you to hear your phone ring so you can cancel it right away.

Here are some steps in case you'd like to give a try:

Edit the newly saved Invisawear Emergency phone contact and then go to both Ringtone & Text tone
Toggle the switch in the top right corner that says Emergency Bypass and turn on.
Optional: Customize the Vibration & Ringtones and Vibration and Alert Tones to something recognizable.

2- Download the Invisawear App: (Available on iOS 13+ or Android™ 9+)

3- Select Create Account


Iphone Users:

Android User:

4- Enable Permissions.  Location permission -allow while using the app then change to Always- Iphone users, Android users (Allow all the time).  This is required for the app to work properly.  Continue.

5- Select which country you are located in.

6- Enter your cell phone number (no dashes needed).  A verification code will be sent to your phone.  Enter the code and click Verify

7- Read the Terms of Use and click Accept.

8- Fill in Personal Informationcreate a Password for your account, record your password for future reference.  The password requirements: Should contain 8- 20 characters, contain an uppercase character, lower case character, a number and a symbol.

At the bottom of the page it will ask you to create a 4 digit secret pin.  This is required to cancel an alert.  Please make sure to choose one that is easily remembered.  If you are unable to remember this pin, you will not be able to cancel an alert.  Select Done at the bottom of the screen.

9- Medical Information is optional and can be skipped if you like.  However, this information can assist an agent or dispatcher in an emergency situation.  At the bottom of the screen select Skip or Done.

10- Add at least one personal Emergency Contacts by selecting the (person symbol +) in the top right corner.  Then select Phone Address Book or Create New Contact.  This allows you to save a contact directly from your phone book or manually enter the number when selecting create new contact.  Check off each name, make sure you are saving cell phone numbers and not landlines and then click Done in the top right corner.  A New Contact box will appear.  Please make sure the correct full first and last name are entered and avoid nicknames such as "Mom" or "Dad".  Click Next and Save once you are done with all of your emergency contacts.  The app can hold up to 5 emergency contacts. 

Once the emergency contact(s) have been saved, a pre-populated text message will be shown.  This lets your contacts know you have added them as an emergency contact and to reply so you know they have received the message.  Make sure to press the arrow up to send this text message.  Select Done at the bottom.

11- Additional Features allows for you to choose which mode you want to use.

Mode 1Only text my emergency contacts in an emergency, do not contact 911.  Your emergency contacts will receive a text message with your up-to-date location letting them know that you are requesting help.

Mode 2Text my emergency contacts and send a silent SOS to 9-1-1.  An ADT agent will text you to gather additional information about your emergency.  Even if you’re unable to respond, an ADT agent will still notify emergency services unless you confirm you’re safe and provide your PIN.  If emergency services are notified, ADT will text your emergency contacts with a link with your up-to-date location letting them know you have requested help.

Mode 3Text my emergency contacts in an emergency, contact ADT Security + More..  An ADT agent will call you to get additional information about your emergency.  Even if you’re unable to speak, an ADT agent will still notify emergency services unless you confirm that you are safe and may request your PIN.

Enter the activation code you received via email when purchasing your device.

12- Invisawear would like to use Bluetooth®Select OK.  On the Connect Device Page, Press the back of the charm once and let go.  Select PAIR.  If you do not get a pairing request press and hold down the invisaWear device button for 15 seconds. 

If you accidentally let go before 15 seconds, please wait 30 seconds for it to reset before trying again.  A Bluetooth pairing request will be shown, select PAIR

Name the Device Tittle (Necklace, Bracelet etc).  Select Next.

13- Place Test Alert- Please note 911 is not contacted during a TEST alert.  Once Test Mode is On, double press the back of the charm to simulate the test alert.  Let the 15 second timer expire without entering your 4 digit pin so your contacts will receive the first test alert.  It is important your contacts confirm that they received the alert. 

If you selected Mode 3,  If the timer expires or if the wrong PIN is entered an ADT agent will call verifying you are testing and check in with you.  If the PIN is entered correctly, no calls will be made (only in test mode) and you will receive the message "Glad to know you are OK". 

If you are ever in an emergency situation, you can either double press the charm OR select one of the 4 tiles (MEDICAL, POLICE, FIRE, CAR CRASH) on the home screen of the app to reach emergency services.  Your GPS location will be sent to both emergency services and your emergency contacts.

We recommend placing a test alert once a month.  If you want to test the device and make sure it is working without having to notify all of your contacts simply cancel the alert by entering your 4 digit secret pin.  Once you enter the pin, you will receive a message:  Glad to know you are OK.  Thanks for letting us know.  This message means ADT received your test and your device is paired and working properly.  Click OK and this brings you back to the Invisawear app home screen.  Android users can click End Testing and will return back to the home screen. 

How to place a test alert after your device has been set up: Press the 3 Gold horizontal lines (MENU) in the top left corner of the Invisawear App, select Place Test Alert, double press the back of your charm and then enter your 4 digit pin to cancel the alert.

Friendly Reminders:

In order for your phone to recognize the Bluetooth signal sent from the invisaWear app, the app has to be running on your phone (doesn't need to be on the screen, just running in the background) so please don't force close out of it.

If you have an iPhone, you can leave the app running in the background just please make sure you don't double tap the home button and swipe up on it.  If you have an Android, when you leave the app, please tap the square menu button not the arrow.  The arrow causes you to close the app.


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